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Translate directly in the preview, with advanced text formatting options

Translating the master presentation into the local language is a basic function of the eDetailer tool. There is no easier translation than placing the text directly into the presentation’s preview. Is your translation too long? That doesn’t matter at all. The text will be automatically formatted to match the presentation design, or you can adjust the font size as you like.

Veeva iRep preview simulation with various display options

Have you finished the translation and now want to check the CLM presentation visually? Cumbersome synchronization and testing in the Veeva iRep app on your mobile device is no longer necessary. Try our eDetailer preview simulator. You can test the translation with a simple setting and fine-tune the details according to your requirements.

Exporting the presentation as a .zip file or direct FTP upload onto Veeva

The eDetailer enables you to export the translated presentation directly into .zip packages needed for the upload onto the Veeva environment. You can upload the CLM presentation to Veeva via FTP with just one click and at the same time create screenshots of your entire presentation, saving you a lot of time and money.

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