How we can help?

Design & development of CLM presentations

Send us your specifications and let us create the CLM presentation for you! We have ample experience to create a fully optimized presentation according to your expectations. We can develop wireframes, story-flow and presentation design. After we program the presentation and connect it with the eDetailer, you can easily translate it into various languages. We offer the service to create CLM presentations even without using the eDetailer.

Comprehensive support in creating CLM presentations in Veeva

We provide support in uploading, creating and setting up CLM presentations in the Veeva environment. Not sure how to set up a questionnaire or shared data? We are happy to help you with this or any other required setup.

Tailor-made tool to match clients’ requirements

Worried that the eDetailer will not be compatible with your internal processes or product managers’ needs? No problem, we can adjust the eDetailer to precisely match your requirements. Moreover, we will enhance the functionalities regularly, based on your suggestions.

Prompt resolution of requests by a certified partner

Do you have many requests, changes and several review rounds for CLM presentations? We have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with its very specific requirements as well as many years of experience in providing support in almost 30 countries. We always focus on speed and reliability. Every output is subject to multiple checks.

Are you interested in a DEMO version?